Get Better Sleep This Better Sleep Month

May is National Better Sleep Month, making this a great time to learn some tips for improving your sleep habits! While The Medical Group of New Jersey is here to help our patients with sleep disorders in New Jersey, there are also steps that you can take on your own that could improve your sleep hygiene.A Woman Smiles While Sleeping Peacefully on Her Side Under the Covers in White Bedding with Her Hands Under Her Head

What is Sleep Hygiene?

Sleep hygiene refers to the bedroom habits and daily routines that promote great sleep. Healthy habits, healthy behaviors, and positive environmental factors all contribute to increasing consistent, uninterrupted sleep.

How Can I Improve My Sleep Hygiene?

There are several ways that our daily habits and behaviors, as well as the environment in which we sleep, can boost our sleep hygiene. These include:

• Abstaining from using electronic devices before bed
• Creating a comfortable sleep environment*
• Creating – and following – a relaxing bedtime routine
• Exercising regularly
• Going to bed only when you’re tired
• Keeping a consistent sleep schedule
• Limiting caffeine and alcohol
• Limiting – or if possible, avoiding – taking naps
• Managing stress before going to bed
• Turning off notifications from phones or other devices before bed
• Using your bed only for sleep and sex

*Experts recommend a cool room between 60 and 67 degrees that is also dark and quiet. You should also invest in a comfortable mattress, pillows, and bed linens. The higher the quality of your bedding, the higher the quality of your sleep!

When Should I Call a Medical Expert?

If you are still experiencing issues with sleep after following these tips, The Medical Group of New Jersey is here to help you with sleep disorders in New Jersey. Medical treatments may be appropriate to help you achieve better sleep, along with devices such as CPAP machines for patients who have sleep apnea. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.