Heart Healthy Tips for the New Year

The heart is the symbol of love; show care and dedication to it this new year by implementing some heart-healthy lifestyle changes. Lower your risk of heart disease in New Jersey with help from the expert cardiologists at The Medical Group of New Jersey.A Stethoscope Wrapped Around a Plastic Red Heart on Top of a White Surface with a Blurred Background

With heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States, it’s crucial to implement physical activity and a healthy diet into your daily life. The American Heart Association has several recommended tips for a healthy heart, some of which include:


Include healthy protein in your diet by incorporating more seafood, legumes, nuts, beans, or tofu. These types of protein do not include saturated fat, and will not increase your LDL cholesterol. Additionally, getting a variety of different fruits and vegetables into your diet is crucial for heart health and keeping heart disease at bay. These unprocessed foods contain vital micronutrients and antioxidants, with some specifically lowering your HDL cholesterol.


Cardio workouts are directly associated with heart health and function. During cardio, your heart rate increases, moving oxygen-rich blood to your muscles for energy. The recommended amount of cardio or physical activity is about 30 minutes per day or 150 minutes per week. As a bonus, cardio exercise has been proven to improve mood and mental health. Ensure your physical activity is balanced with the number of calories eaten.

Other lifestyle enhancements:

For a healthy heart, limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption can be detrimental to many parts of the body, including the liver and stomach. Additionally, overconsumption of alcohol can increase blood pressure and have long-term effects on the body including cardiomyopathy, or irregular heartbeat. Cigarette smoking can also cause a long-term rise in blood pressure, reduce blood flow to the heart, and increase the risk of blood clots, not to mention the increased risk of cancer and other health issues.

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